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Travis County Youth Show (TCYS)
January 11-14, 2018
Travis County Expo Center

Travis County Youth Show (TCYS) is held at the Expo Center in eastern Travis County. TCYS is open to residents/students of Travis County in good standing.  All rules and deadlines for this show can be found on the TCYS website at

Bowie-Austin FFA Students can participate in TCYS by either submitting a Youth Fair Project or by raising and showing a market animal project through the Livestock Show.

Youth Fair:
Students can show their creativity through projects ranging from baked goods to art. Some of these projects will be eligible for sale where the student can earn money for their item.

Livestock Show:
Students who have raised a market animal have the opportunity to participate in the TCYS Livestock Show.   This show is not terminal meaning you get your animal projects back at the end of the show (even if you make the auction/sale).

Bowie-Austin FFA Alumni Hospitality Tent
The Bowie Tent serves as home base to the Bowie Community. We welcome all family, friends and the TCYS Board. Please bring your own chairs. Animals require constant supervision while the Show Barn is open, so plan to spend the day. We are located in the parking lot at the North- East Entrance of the Show Barn between the Youth Fair Exhibit Building and the Show Barn. We ask for donations and assistance with the tent area so all parents have the opportunity to watch their children show.

We are planning a fabulous array of cuisine variations and we are once again selling wristbands for all to partake in all the deliciousness!  Wristbands are $15 each and must be purchased and worn by all.  Wristbands include breakfast, lunch, dinner (Fri and Sat), snacks and drinks daily.

We ask for volunteers to assist with the grill and food area. We have a great group of students and parents, please work together to help keep the area clean and sanitary.  Our sign up can be found at camp bowie sign-up

We ask that all families donate sodas and snacks for the tent for all to enjoy the entire weekend.  All donations should be brought directly to the Camp Bowie tent on Thursday after check-in.  Students are asked to bring at least one 12-pack of soda according to the chart below Snack donations can be found on the camp Bowie sign-up We welcome snacks and foods of all kinds so even if something is not on the sign-up, feel free to bring it!

Soda Donations:
Pigs: Dr. Pepper
Lambs/Goats/Steer: Sprite
Poultry/Rabbits: Coke
Youth Fair (if not showing livestock): Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper


TCYS requires that shavings be purchased at the show.  They are $7 a bag payable by cash or check only.  The money made on shavings at the show goes to the TCYS Scholarship fund.


Tear Down:
Bowie is one of the schools responsible for TCYS tear down.  Tear down will begin as early as 8:00 am on Sunday, January 14th.  All exhibitors are required to attend.


TCYS Auction will be held on January 19th.  Auction lots will be posted on the TCYS website early in the week.  Bowie-Austin FFA students who make the auction are asked to make a donation to the TCYS Scholarship Fund in lieu of the traditional buyer’s gift basket.